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Hi, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively. Thank you Dirnov
I'd be happy to print one out for you John or I can send you the jpeg to print out yourself if you have a printer. Happy birthday Denise! Email me your address. Nice to hear from you. pamme
Hey Pam- this is Denise Johns brother, do you have any idea where i can get anymore posters for her 50 th suprize bday?
Pamme, I'm "Grateful Dad" on myspace. Gotta photo of me and WEIR as default...Say hello to Nick from us :0)
Dude, Great time last night... You and a Taylor give me a CHUB!!! Dude, BRUTAL... -wild bill :0)
You wanted my opinion on your site? I say Keep It! =) It's very fitting for you. Although perhaps a bit more color...
OMG! You have such a wonderful voice. I love your songs and would have to say that you have guts so to speak. I would never be able to get in front of a group of people and just sing or letal off play an instrument. Way to go. Great job. Its been a very fun and interesting night, thanks for making it that way here @ the Woods Inn.
Hi Mommy! Love the site. My friends love it toooo. You better win the Sammy's.
Great work and thank you for your service I'm Mika, new here! With best regards...
Back in December you sent me your cd "Patchouli Room". I have not had a chance to get back to you with school, and about 10 doctors appointments all over the place. i finally got a chance to listen to your cd tonight. I loved your #3 and #4 tracks (PATCHOULI ROOM AND CRIMSON STRAWBERRY). You are talented, and not just that...as I know first hand your kindness you directed to me being disabled. Best Wishes to a long career... Love, Dustin (done with help from my Dad)
Congratulation Pamme on the release of your new CD Patchouli Room, nice article's written by Mike Jaquays and Mark Bialczak. Also enjoyed the website. D.P.
Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
Once the Source of fodder for comics, I see that I have finally made the big time. yes indeedy, my own tune. Your reputation for excellence has made it all the way to Michigan. Laurie (my non-Jewish wife of 22 years and I look forward to hearing the entire album sometime soon. My cousin Karen is supposed to be helpping me in this area. Hope all is well, we'll see you in the coming years i suspect, Love, Tommy
I heard your six minute long "Crimson Strawberry". I loved it. Great song. Send it to Nancy Griffith for nation wide exposure...!
...the new cover for Patchouli Room looks brilliant! Nothing but gude wishes for success...always.
I love what you do. Do not stop making your music. Love has a way.
Pam, your singing and song writing strikes a cord in all of us. It sends a shiver down my spine. I love your music. See you soon, Love Lisa
gee, mom, you're the greatest! thanks for taking me to north carolina.
Like yours very much when we saw you at Van Auken's Inn. Andrew and Vickee from Canada
Nice job with the updating. I printed out your reviews. In 'Press & Reviews' section, under "Local Musician Releases New CD" you are still sending readers to 'Soundclick.com Swan Road Trio' Is that address still viable?
Talent runneth through you and onto the earth where ever you go and virtual space I see!!! doo da da dum diddy doo. I found a mansion in Hamilton. I look all the time on MRMLS and Realtor.com I'm glad to see that you're going to the mountains to sing, and then to the mountains to sing . . . hopefully, you are still coming right??????
You would be the greatest reason to move back to NY. You always took me down the most interesting roads. I admire you and I love you!From: The one who started out singing in the girls bathroom with you - because we all know bathrooms have the best acoustics.
I love what you have done...and what your are doing. Don't ever stop writing your heart's desire. The heart is the best compass for any journey.
why what a wonderful website - you should be proud!
Nice job on your website! Have a great summer...Cousin Renee
Hello. jesus loves your music. nick

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