In recording mode before the next summer season wishing the snow would stop but alas Mother Nature is quite bipolar this year as winter is shifting ever onward into our spring seasons here in the north east. My hard work last summer and winter has given me the opportunity to buy some new sound equipment for my humble yet "adequate-for-me" music room. While its a not how many gigs I play or how many people I play for attitude these days due to some right hand holding pick holding issues. I'm happy to say I've had a nice run and I'm not over it quite yet. So many other things to do. But I do have another collection of songs I'm working on and can't wait to get back to summer mode as music needs to escape the winter windows and breeze free in the New York airs of summer. It is what it is.

It's 11 below zero this morning on the 31st of December. I'm re-stringing to get ready to bundle up and load up to play at the Veteran's Home in Oxford NY. It's been a crazy summer between Stillwater, moving my mother back from Hickory NC, keeping my Country Side up to snuff and all the other nonsense that life has thrown in my face that sadly I've had the time nor the desire to work on my latest collection of songs written and waiting for arrangement. I'm placing bets that this will change in 2018. 

I'll be playing unplugged throughout the winter, which is off to a very cold and snowy start, at my usual jaunt, my beloved Stillwater Hotel and will grab a few here and there at Good Nature Brewery. I hate gigging in the winter and I say this with growing old tenderness.

Meanwhile Cheers! Here's to a new year filled with less political bull and more loving and kindness.

Peace Out! 


This past winter was disappointing to say the least. Snodeo mid December in Old Forge was a bust. No snow. Christmas rolled in. No snow. Then as chance would have it, some one or a group of someone's hit the right chord and danced the right dance and the snow came. January was filled with a good amount  making the trails and dirt roads rideable. It was so much fun seeing old friends from the winter before. The white out shots were pouring, the kitchen door swinging with trays of food to feed the hungry rare breed of snow mobilers from all over the NE were being served. I also played a respectable amount of music every night while I was there in my other home of Stillwater and bank rolled January.

Then it was February's turn and El Nino showed his traitor head. The rain came, the air warmed and the reservoir ice turned to slush. I went back to Stillwater the first weekend where I caught some plaque which took a good three weeks to get over and that was the end of winter. I haven't been back since. No snow. After several weeks of miserableness, I kicked myself for being so selfish and thought how lucky I was for not having bought a 20,000 dollar sled to be unable to ride, for not owning a business to have to take a loan out to be able to pay the bills on, and for all the produce paid for when January seemed promising and most of it all went waste rotting in the walk in. Many business owners suffered this winter. But what can ya do.

So musically this winter SUCKED! When you are so ill that you couldn't sing a note or no energy to even pick up a guitar. It really sucked. I spent much of the time hauling wood and maintaining the fire. 

I'm healthy again now and eager this spring for sunny weather, kayaking, gardening, hiking and of course music. May is looking good with some nice gigs.

i had another surprise earlier this month as a group of Anne La Bastille fans held a slide show event in memory of all the many place she visited around the world in her war of saving the planet from all its many ecological in justices. This event was held in the downstairs auditorium of the Munson Proctors Williams Museum in Utica NY. I went to the show and it was packed. I couldn't get in. I learned later that there was a slide of me playing my song Ode To Anne at her memorial. It the little things! I glowed so happy to be part of this amazing woman's life if only for one song and one slide even though I never had the chance to meet her.

My daughter Aurora turned 28 list past Sunday which is hard to believe and my son Nick finally has his ball rolling in the right direction. KNOCK ON WOOD!

Farther the next CD is working low and slow...I no longer have the desire to pump out CD's like I once did. I'll happen when it does.

All is well.

It's been two years since my friend Steve Skollar and I recorded Wednesdays Riches. A lot has happened in those two years. Not all good I'm sad to say...I have no desire to re-tell, re-live or re-hash any of it as 2016 has started off on a wonderful note. I just don't want to jinx myself. Stillwater is off to a great winter and I'm back in my studio! I recorded an acoustic version of Peace Out Gurl Scout at a friends request and because last year was the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Ten years. Wow. I remember it like it was yesterday sitting on that Jet Blue flight watching as more and more TV coverage streamed though those little TV's embedded into the back of the seats in front of me. Bill and I were LUCKY to get out of there!

So onward. I have seven new songs I'm working on. Not all happy ones but thats the way it goes in life. I believe the title of the new CD will be entitled "Farther" It just seems fitting because of how far I've come and how much farther I have to go. But...I've named CD's before they were completed and know that the nature of the CD can change in a heartbeat as the recording progresses. New ideas sprout from old idea's and so forth. I'm also hoping to gift my studio with a new Mac and upgrade to Logic 10 so I'm sure there will be a learning curve there. 

So! I'm hoping for a drama free year in my personal life and the lives of my children and family. 

Much love to all.


I'm one week end in on this years winter season! Two feet of snow buried my Nitro fit with new snow tires that could climb a tree if it had to and the hum of snow mobiles fill the trails. A good little pile of money freshly deposited into my meager and quickly evaporating savings account is hopeful and promising! It's been a year to say the least. Family Illness. Son in Willard and a year since my sister passed. I pray 2016 will be a drama free year, and believe it or not I actually have 7 new songs written but not quite ready to record as they need to simply be played and tweaked. Happy New Year Friends! Pamme

Looking forward to the last hurrah at Stillwater and will be playing music to start off the evening! 


Here is this years menu...

First course this year is Cajun Shrimp which will be paired with a Bon Terra, Viognier made from Organic Grapes from California. 

The second course is a  Field Green Salad with Glazed Walnuts and Feta in a White Balsamic Vinaigrette paired with a  Banfi Chianti from the Tuscan Region of Italy.

Third Course is Lemon Chicken Champagne with Sautéed Artichokes and Capers and a side Roasted Broccoli paired with another Banfi wine, a Pinot Grigio from San Angelo Italy.

Fourth Course is Beef Tenderloin Bourguignon over Egg Noodles paired with a Cashmere Red from Cline Vineyards from Sonoma County California.


Hope to see you at Stillwater!

Several weeks ago while visiting my daughter at her place of employment, a gourmet chocolate shop in Hamilton called Maxwells. She told the story of a recent visit to a camp on Big Moose lake where her boyfriend Dylan was doing some wood work. The neighbor came over while she was there and gave her a boat ride around the lake that she really enjoyed. I told her how much I loved Big Moose Lake thinking back to my many gigs at the Big Moose Inn and asked her if she saw the camp with the big bronze moose statue out front. She didn't remember seeing this particular camp and I proceeded to tell her this was the camp I was so fortunate to stay in when I played at the Big Moose Inn and when the Inn was full. A dream camp. Bob Hankey's camp. I nic-named the camp...Camp Believe...and promised myself if I ever was fortunate enough to have a camp in the ADKS that I would name it Camp Believe because I camp believe I have a camp...Anyway...About a minute after I told Aurora of how beautiful Bob's camp was. I received a text...A TEXT FROM NONE OTHER THAN BOB HANKEY WHOM I HAVEN'T SEEN IN TWO YEARS! Bob sold out everything he owned on Big Moose maybe 5 years ago and now lives in Thailand. I got booked from Thailand to perform a few gigs and he actually requested one the the silliest songs I've ever written from my Songs From Mountains East And West CD, Hankey's Thug...the story song about a squirrel that kept breaking into the camp and breaking all the moose coffee mugs Hankey had been collecting over the years..So I'm really looking forward to playing these gigs as Bob is renting his old camp, all the rooms at the Big Moose Inn as well as a few rooms at the Glenmore and putting up 50 to 60 people for a week! He also hired Stillwater to cater two of the dinners! So this will be a really night hit at the end of the fall season before the snow hopefully flies thick and heavy for the snowmobile season. Life is amazing.

Another summer season getting off to a very wet start. In addition to my Stillwater gigs every Saturday and Sunday. I'm happily adding a few private parties to my summer schedule! My old friend Bob Hankey has contacted me all the way from Thailand to play a few gigs in October at a week long reunion he's hosting on Big Moose. I'm not sure if I'll be playing at the Big Moose Inn or his old camp on the lake. Either one will be special and I'm very much looking forward! Well its thundering outside again! Better unplug the modem! Ta La!

Sadly...Swan's aren't allowed to make their summer homes on Taylor Lake at Colgate University because of some stupid rule being that this bird introduced to America and not a native species. They will be missed! Photo credit Ed Vollmer. Talk about a throwback! The 80's

It's the beginning of a new season at Stillwater and I'll be playing most every Saturday night this summer tho be sure to give a call before driving all the way out. Marian's fine hospitality is totally worth the drive even if I'm not playing. Sadly I won't be at the boat race this year as I'll be at John Prine's show at Ommegang in Cooperstown but I'm sure the race will be a sold out event as the party grows bigger every year! Anyone interested in booking me I'll have Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays and Sundays open. Call me! My calendar is filling up already! Cheers Pamme

We at Stillwater are counting down the days until the winter season comes to a close. It was a great run! With some of the tips I made from playing I have bought a Koa Wood Ukulele from Hawaii! My little sister Lisa and her husband Jeff went out of their way and shopped! They did a GREAT job! Can't wait to get my hands on it this spring when I travel to NC to pick it up! 

It's been the coldest winter here in NY with temps below zero almost everyday this February. I'm at the end of my cold rope and ready for spring in a big bad way. Even my cats are going cabin stir crazy. I'm very ready for a 2 month break and have some recording to get out of the way. Cheers!

Cancer reared it's ugly head and took my beloved sister Nancy on October 30th 2014. I haven't been altogether normal ever since. I've had some very dark days indeed and could really care about my music let alone writing. I've been netflix addicted and while watching Call The Midwife, a quote from a German elderly lady who survived the Holocost got my attention. "You Just Keep On Living Till You Are Alive Again." So this has been my saving grace. That and Stillwater. I've played at least 50 sets of music up there for countless snowmobilers and my bank account is quite cushie again. My song basket is again filling up with new material to be recorded and I'm looking forward to doing more video with Rich Grant. I'm trudging through this crazy nonsense and will get there one way or another. Ta la...Keep your loved ones close. 

The music is slowing down along with the fading summer days. Time to take a breath and recoup. I have some recording projects lined up for the winter and look forward changing gears. Hoping for another snow filled winter up in the Adirondacks and something in the air tells me we just might get one! The leaves are close to peak already and we aren't even into October yet! All in all its been a great year. I made it on to two different magazine covers. The Mohawk Valley Living Magazine and One Square Mile Of Hope that drew nearly 3,000 canoer's and kayakers is rumored to again make the cover of Sports Illustrated. I was honored to be mentioned at the Fenimore House in Cooperstown for my song Grace's Ghost in, The Great American Tragedy exhibition. Time to move on to the next phase. ta la pamme

A year after its release. Wednesdays Riches makes the Mohawk Vally Living magazine in August's issue. Thank you John Keller!

Grace's Ghost At The Fenimore in Cooperstown NY

Tweaking the Nashville set.

I just got some awesome news and my fifth CD, Songs From Mountains East And West is wanted to be sold at the Fenimore House in Cooperstown! 

It's been a great winter at Stillwater with below zero temps to keep the reservoir good and frozen and lots of snow to keep the trails groomed. I'm not a snowmobiler but I've heard great reports over the last several weeks.I've met snowmobilers from pretty much everywhere in the north east and Canada and as far as Montana. I've come to the conclusion that winter gigging is better staying in one place. Let the audience come to me! It saves me from driving all over the winter roads! In addition to playing music I'm also having the time of my life helping Joe and Marian run the hotel. I'm cooking, bar tending and waiting tables. My bank account is quite fat and happy at the moment and I'm hoping for a late spring. I'm not posting dates on this site as I'm playing sometimes several times a day or night and several day and nights a week. It's all good…really really good.

First Snow Of The ADK'sI'm sitting here in room 16 of Clark's Beach House in Old Forge, in the first and hopefully not last white out of winter. Clarks, not the Biltmore or some NYC 5 star luxury liner but clean and not far from home. cheap get away.

I got a list of new songs to record starting on Monday...I've had this list for a while now and have been circling over them like vulture before landing. It's like once you start...the process sucks you in and you never know when you'll be able to come up for air. So, with a white empty canvas of snow another CD project begins@

Alas, the summer of 2013 was probably one of my busiest summers yet playing around Central New York and the ADK's. A big thanks goes out to Stillwater, The Colgate Inn, The Brackel, The Hotel Solsville, and to the people who organize music at for the Sherburne Park band stand and the Norwich Park bandstand. My CD release party was a success at the Good Nature Brewery and CD sales are up! One new venue I played and hope to return to was Izzo's Winery outside of Auburn. Great people who I met at Stillwater at Mother Marian's annual boat race as they are master pig roasters! Another thank you goes out to the people who hired me for their private parties and the folks at Chenango Memorial Hospital. Because of all of you who support music I'm so very happy to say that my new Bose sound system has been paid in full! Thank you my friend Steven Skollar for your fine mandolin playing and permission to use your painting of the Toy Cowboy! I will miss you this winter but know that by spring the music will be rejuvenated. The wood shed is face cord  full. The gardens have been cut back and mulched. Let the snow fall and blanket my fine tiny slice of paradise and with it may it bring new inspiration and with worries.


CD Painting


Another project finished at long last! This one got away from me but well worth the wait! A huge thank you to Rich Grant in all his time and patience with recording. To Hayden Zahn with his violin on Ball Jar and to Steven Skollar for his mandolin playing, great songs and his gifted art work on the cover.


5-4poster_for_cd_release_PDF_copy.jpegGreat Brews, great music for a great cause all  in the historic Earlville Opera House. May 4th!


One Of Those BoseAfter almost spraining my ankle hauling my Mackie speakers up some snowy, slippery steps...i decided at long last...NOT TO HAUL THEM ANYMORE! The next day I stacked them nicely in my studio, snapped a shot and slapped them up on facebook where I had them sold in less than ten minutes. Then I bought the Bose and I'm loving every minute of playing through them. With a busy summer ahead, I'm sure I'll be just as happy in transport. AND there will be a ton more space in the Black Swan (my nitro) for camping and kayaking gear!

Some new venues are being added to my summer schedule! The Brackel in McDonough NY, The Deerpath in South Edmeston (Chobani land) the Hotel Solsville in Solsville, and the Colgate Inn in Hamilton. Dates will be posted by the end of May.

May 4th it is! The official CD release of my 7th CD, Wednesdays Riches at the Earlville Opera House! This is a fundraiser for the Opera House and also a CD release of Sean Nevison's  third installment of Treasures In The Heart Of New York. I'll be performing new songs with Steven Skollar on mandolin. Also performing is Rabbit In The Rye and Tumbleweed Highway. Caitlin Grossjung will be performing in the Arts Cafe and Hamilton's own Good Nature Brewery will be pouring!

More info and schedule to come.

Looking forward to performing close to home at the Chocolate Festival on September 29th. Mandolinist Steve Skollar will be joining me for my set from 11- noon! Other musical guests are Reyna Stagnaro and Putter Cox of Dove Creek, Bill Harley, Bill Staines and Tracy Grammar. In case of rain the event will be moved to the Hamilton High School.

Well the sunflowers in the golden rod lined fields are bowing out to another wayward summer. Its a wrap! I didn't get to do half the camping and kayaking in that I wanted but I did (with the help of Steve Skollar and Rich Grant) nail down another bunch of songs to complete my 8th CD I'll call Wednesday's Riches as Wednesday nights were recording nights at Rich's studio. I expect to have the songs mastered and CD cover artwork finished by the end of October when my country mando player Steve heads back to his city home. Then...bring on winter!

Mike Jaquays, writer for the Mid York has a new review out on my 7th CD, Year Of Firsts. Please click my Press and Review link to read.

WOW! Starting the New Year off to a great start! While cruising some of my favorite websites, I ended up at the Adirondack Museum's site to learn Craig Brandon, author of Murder In The Adirondacks, Grace Brown's Love Letters and The Prison Diary and Letters of Chester Gillette to name a few, is scheduled to lecture at the museum on January 15th. So, I went to Mr. Brandon's site, got his contact info and emailed him about my song Boom Town. He responded that very afternoon and linked my site to his! I'm thrilled to say the least!

2011 has been a roller coaster year to say the least. Everything got in the way of this CD but alas, it is done and is available through iTunes. Look for the link on my home page. Snippets of the 13 songs with the exception of Year of First's, Lucky Lou, Spirit House and Dr. Bronner (which are full length versions as I'm feeling some Christmas generosity) have been uploaded to my Swan Song page. Enjoy them as I will edit the audio times to shorten them back to song samples on December 6th. 

I'd like to thank my old band mate's Ed Vollmer and David Williams for their ukulele and washboard skills on Dr. Bronner. And Steven Skollar for his mandolin work on Damselfly, Year Of First's and Woodchuck And Crow. A HUGE hats off once again to Rich Grant who has spent endless hours mixing my music and editing my art. 

May your holidays be filled with fine food and drink, togetherness, great music and less packaging! Shop Local and download, download, DOWNLOAD!

I usually post to my blog, The Traveling IndianLily which can be reached by going to my links page. But have decided that really cool news should be blogged here. I've been asked to perform my song Ode To Anne at Anne La Bastille's memorial service Saturday, August 20th. I'll likely catch the 2nd shuttle in Eagle Bay and perform around noon. I'm quite excited and very honored with this and also a bit emotional. The last time I was at Anne's Lake was when I zoom recorded the thunderstorm that opens her song. Adirondack Life magazine also posted my email and link to my website on their letter's to the editor page in this month's issue. I'm very much looking forward to playing Anne's song on her sacred Adirondack ground.  

Year Of First's came to be two years of firsts. Oh well! Can't force creativity! Songs happen along when they do in their own sweet time. There is a song Year Of Firsts on the CD which I'm now naming Hooked On Folk. I just couldn't come up with art work for the cover that correlated with Year Of Firsts. Sitting here at my mac after moving my studio back down stairs where it belongs, and after getting Mom's rugs up on the wall for sound absorption. I realized the CD had to be called Hooked On Folk, as the rug with the bone ivory guitar pin, the last thing my father gave me was pretty much slapping me in the face hanging on the wall right next to where I do my recording. This CD has been in the making for 3 years. Proof of my aging ADHD! It'll be good to get on the other side of it and onward...ta la. 

Now that these holidays are OVER and my kids are some what settled. Nick is in Ithaca scraping by and Aurora will be moving into an ole house that her and her buds are working hard at cleaning up. It's time to wrap up the CD I've been recording since before my father died. It's taken quite a while to actually wrap my head around this reality. As sick as he was, It was a sudden shock. So with Skyway plans pretty much underway and scheduled for June 11 this year at the Hooks Wiltse Field in Hamilton, it's time for me to get the other 7 original songs recorded. This is my first CD where I'm mixing originals with some of my favorite old folk song covers. It seemed such a shame not to add these songs as they bring me a pure sense of gratification in performing them and my listeners, the simple joy of hearing them. While performing last summer at the the Long Lake Author's night, I pulled "Stewball" out as I noticed a lot of younger children in the crowd. I used to sing Stewball to my kids when they were little as it was a favorite of mine being a normal horse loving child myself. While I was packing up a young girl around the age of twenty ran up to me and told me how happy that song made her! She and her family used to sing that song in her childhood whenever they went camping. She said she hasn't heard it since. Well this of course made my day. Driving back down the moonlit dirt road to Stillwater was when I decided to record these favorite covers of mine and get them on the CD. They have been a good therapeutic "balm for sorrow" in dealing with the tornado of feelings I've been beat up with since my father's passing. Funny how these songs come out before the tragedies happen as I wrote Balm For Sorrow a good year before my father passed. 

So! I'm gifting myself with a new CD and my birthday is my new release date! May 19th, 2011 The new disc will be called Year Of Firsts even though it won't be released well into year two. post Dad.

To get to my Traveling Indian Lily Blog please click on Blinks on the home page. Ta La!

I mostly use my blog which can be found under the blinks link at The Traveling Indianlily. Other than my monthly gig at the Georgetown Inn. I have a New Years Eve folk gig at the Mountain Top in my home town of Sherburne. I'm rooting through my writing basket and do have a new crop of songs to record this winter. If I feel like it. I'm looking forward to snow! And lots of it...really!
The music will continue on through the night from 7 till 9ish with musicians performing at these venues in Hamilton. Club Ed ~ The Colgate Inn Same Blood Folk ~ Nichols and Beal The Hook ~ The Barge Steve Golly ~ Rusch's Tommy Hoe and the Barn Cats ~ The Hour Glass
Skyway is September 12th starting at 11:45 in the Hamilton Village Green in memory of Craig Getchonis  Skyway Bands 2009 Hosted by Meredith Leland Getchonis and Chris Cashion And This years Skyway Performers are! Adishakti Dancers Tumbleweed Gumbo Zach Fleitz Commander Cockroach and the Mexican Bus Emilee Smith David Chlad Putter Cox and Friends The Mark Shiner Trio Matt Nakoa Earthman Embassy This years Skyway chair built by Bill Brown and painted by the young artists of Kathy Herolds Center for the Arts The chair is on display each Saturday in the Farmer's Market on the village green at Adrianna's Thoughts in Wool. Raffle tickets can be bought there for 5 dollars to win the chair We are looking again for businesses to donate gift certificates or whatever they can to raffle donation The raffles will go on through out the day with the Skyway Lounger being raffled off last at the end of the show Donations can be in check form and sent to The Friends of Music PO Box 143 Hamilton 13346 Skyway board of director are Pamme Swan Jimmy Wunderlich and Meredith Leland Getchonis
Finally its done! Sorry to take you all back to winter in this video! A Good Horse was recorded back in 2004 on my Once Sated CD. It's one of those sad but true songs that just fell into my lap. Thanks to Reyna Stagnaro for her mandolin, her home setting and Fred the wonder horse! Thanks To Jimmy Wunderlick of Orbital Sound for his harmonica. Big Thanks to Rich Grant of Digital Media and Design. What would the town of Hamilton do with out Rich!
For woman's her-story this year I chose two different woman to sing about. Two woman as different as day and night having left strong historical footprints here in Central New York. The first woman once lived in a farmhouse on a hilltop overlooking the valley between Waterville and South Hamilton not far from my home. In the early 1800's, she bore 10 children who were highly educated but as corrupt as they could come. She beat them not because they stole but because they got caught and rewarded them when they didn't. This rowdy family of outlaws recruited many others and roamed throughout Central New York and other neighboring states stealing horses, guns, wagons, jewelry and pretty much anything they could get their hands on. They counterfeited money, made illegal whiskey, burned down buildings and went as far as murder when people got in their way. The woman who helped mastermind this gang that grew to be over 200 strong was none other than Rhoda Loomis The second woman who has greatly inspired me was as good and Rhoda was bad. I discovered her while sitting at the hard times cafe randomly pulling her Woodwoman II book down from the bookshelf over table nine while waiting for breakfast one stormy morning in Eagle Bay. I became addicted to this woman's life's story right away and now have most of her books. Unlike Rhoda Loomis this woman had no children but dedicated her life to conservation and health of the Adirondacks and wrote about the ecology of many places around the world. She took twenty five years in which she studied and made the cause her own but sadly witnessed the extinction of a loon like bird called the Poc or Giant Grebe which once nested on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This woman never married ( but had some steamy affairs) and lived in a cabin she called Thoreau II inside the blue line of the Adirondack Park. Still alive today, this womand and is truly an amazing strong woman who has lived and incredible and meaningful life. Her name is Anna La Bastille
“Songs From Mountain East And West” has been a wonderful, inspirational journey back into the stories of the lives of several characters from the Adirondack Mountains and Central New York. I’ve spent many hours reading and researching the following characters that I’d like to send up thanks to. Chester Gillette and Grace Brown to start. Noah John Rondeau and the whole Loomis clan. Thank you for calling out to me to read your stories and to the many authors who’ve written and researched their lives. Anne La Bastille my new heroine in my older age! You are with me on every excursion into the Adirondacks. A huge thanks goes out to Rich Grant and Leigh Yardley who spent many hours helping me in my Dell to Mac transition. Also on my thank you list is Robert Hankey for giving my folk music a home for the past two summers and to Catherine Light for her marketing help and insightful artistic direction. Thank you Jimmy Wunderlich, Reyna Stagnaro, Anne Leone and Steven Skollar for your fine musicianship and recording skills. Songs From Mountains East And West was recorded at Orbital Sound Studio, Colgate University and my home studio here in the Hamilton area. For the past two years I’ve had fleeting feelings of the terrible, lonely sadness Grace Brown must of felt as she and her unborn child floated down to their death in the back corner of South Bay on Big Moose Lake. It helps me to think she was reincarnated to my Grandmother who raised five children with a loving husband and in a loving home. So, I’d like to dedicate this collection of songs to these two woman. Grace Brown, March 20th, 1886 ~ June 12th, 1908 and my grandmother Eleanor Celia Brown-Swan, September, 28th, 1913 - .
I know! I know! I should go out an get a real job. I honestly had this intention! Get a simple little cooking job or go back to bartending. I've been wanting a normal life after being so busy this summer. Tommy Hoe told me I would never have a normal life. He's right along with this little voice in my head that says. Screw it an stay home! With the price of gas and living so far out it wouldn't be worth it anyway! So much for that degree in Landscape Design! I don't need to be shoveling snow! I'm just having so much fun these days staying home and feeding my free range bunnies, kayaking and hiking, reading and writing. My daughter Aurora is going to school in Ithaca and has been calling me every now and then requesting recipe's from dinner's I've made in the past for birthdays , holidays and drama club overnighters. Which got me thinking! So I'm having a ton of fun here uploading some of my favorite recipe's to my White Swan Gone Green blog which you can find under Swan Store! So this blogging addiction I now have will have to be blamed on Aurora. Thanks honey! I'm also selling my Uncle Milty chair turned Skyway Lounger. You'll see a link for that also under Swan Store Link! The CD is pretty much done! Few more things to wrap up. It'll be for sale on line soon through Tunecore. Most of the songs not in their entirety of course are already here on this website. Hope you like.
On behalf of the Skyway, I would like to thank the following people for the behind the scene efforts to make the 2nd annual Skyway a success. David Grace, David Williams and Jimmy Wunderlich are on the top of this list. Grace for updating the band schedule and getting the lovely Skyway sign to its spot in the park each morning and Williams for donating his time and sound equipment. Jimmy Wunderlich! You out did yourself. Your stage organization floors me and thank you for all the time involved with manning the website! A HUGE Thank you to Linda Sybist of Van Tine Imaging for the great posters! And of course Van Tine Imaging for the Skyway banner that really made the stage. Thank you handyman men Bill Brown and Ford Seymour for your erecting of the Skyway Banner. The small things that tweaked this years festival will not go unnoticed either. Thank you to Perry’s, The Earlville Opera House, The Palace Theater, Subway, Sushi Blues. Big Apple Music and Greg Yates for their raffle contributions. Thanks to the Colgate Bookstore for the ad in the Mid York and the use of the money box and the Stahl family for tending to the raffle table all day! Hugs to artists such as Rich Grant for the lovely horse on canvas print, Bill Brown for the 2008 Skyway Lounger and to my dear friend Leigh Yardley for painting it! Thanks to my mother, Audrey Swan for the 2008 Skyway hooked rug. Nice hooking Ma! The Adishakti Dancers. You ladies are just beautiful! The bands this year were all wonderful! Hats off to Dangerboy, Craig’s last band for their 2nd year performance, the Silent Fury from Syracuse, Robin Schade, Bruce Pegg, Peter Leone, Captain Morgan and the Rhythm and Keslie and the Rhythm Makers. A special thank you to Reyna Stagnaro, JImmy Wunderlich and Steven Skollar for this summer’s porch practices at my home. It was Jimmy Wunderlich’s idea to have some of last years performers in venues though the town in the evening. Thank you to the Colgate Inn and Same Blood Folk for their rocking performance out front. Tommy Hoe and the Barncats! Bless you and the Hour Glass and your contribution! Awesome! The writers! Sami Martinez, Mike Jaquays and David Hollis. Without your words and stories. Skyway wouldn’t be half as special as it is. This years festival wouldn’t of been possible without the financial help of renting the park. Thank you Charlie and Sally Getchonis. Meredith! Hosting Skyway is your calling! Great job! Eddie thanks for the zoom lesson! Hope you are feeling better! To all the people who bought raffle tickets, and or wrote out checks to keep the next generation of kids in music. You know who you are. We thank you! Skyway is an on going process as is the music program in all schools. As Sally White kindly said, Every little bit helps with costs of things that pop up during the school year. I’m just glad to help and applaud these kids and the older musicians for getting up there and sharing their music. Sincerely, Pamme Swan
It was a strange coincidence that the 2nd First Friday Folk Festival (that was actually the 2nd Friday as the first Friday in July was the 4th) was a the anniversary of Grace Brown's murder and that I had special guest Robin Schade. Robin generously gave me his Grace "Billy" Brown song that goes over so well at the Moose. We both did our version this past Friday an the crowd loved it! So The Big Moose Inn is doing really well this summer! With gas prices so high I thought tourism would be iffy. Thank goodness I was wrong! The dining numbers have more than doubled and Mr. Hankey has informed me the room packages are selling out. Which will keep me playing every Tuesday. Playing on the front porch of the Big Moose Inn is really the most heavenly gig I've ever had! The sun sparkling the water and the many different boats, kayaks, canoes and an occasional seaplane floating in is just beyond words. I'm so lucky! So I packed myself up and headed out to Stillwater to play on Mother Marion's deck the next day an as always had a grand time with a packed deck of Stillwater locals and other people from just about anywhere. I met a young fella by the name of Joseph who was hanging out in the parking lot with his guitar. So I got him over his stage fright an got him up. An incredible player! And only 22 years old. Really so many gifted people out there. I hope to see him again somewhere. Joseph is from outside of Philadelphia somewhere. Sunday I had planned on heading out to Norridgewock to do some exploring and writing but the weather just wasn't co-operating so I bagged it an went home. Which ended up being a good thing as it poured an all my windows were wide open. As good as it is to get out of the's always better to return to my serene valley nestled in the hills of sunny south Hamilton. Love my home. Beaver River! I'm coming! Its a beautiful July day. Getting my gardens weeded and hanging out with my bunnies an cats and of course Ed. I have a parade of animals following me wherever I go around my yard which is really quite comical! If I still had Ducks...well there you have it! Pamme's Ark! Skyway "begging for bucks" letters are stamped and ready for mailing in the morning. I'm really looking forward to this years Skyway and at the same time really looking forward for it to be over as well! Lots of time goes into planning. My CD...It's coming along. I planned on keeping it as simple as possible but some of the songs deserve more. So its back to Orbital Sound with Reyna and Steve on mandolins, Jimmy on acoustic and Scotter on percussion. It'll be sweet. For now! Happy Summer!
How could it not be! With the most beautiful setting on the Big Moose Lake. With the delicious summer salads and grillings of Chef Brian. With my folk music echoing out over the lake. With the bull frogs and the sea planes and the loons. And all the people who turned out with canoe and kayaks. The Porch was packed! I'm really looking forward to the rest of these lovely Tuesdays through out the summer. The first group of people I met where from Swan Hill Road in Glen Aubrey NY! The road named after my grandfather and where I spent my first 13 years. I was floored! Small world. God only knows who else I'm gonna meet up there in them magical mountains!
I'm so looking forward to another season of kayaking, camping, hiking and music in the Adirondacks this summer. My husband and I have re-organized and re-packed our camping trailer adding a smaller tent to kayak out to some secrete out of the way places we have discoverd on our travels. There's no place I'd rather be! Well actually. I've discovered some jewels right in my back yard that I've been exploring. The Brookfield Horse Trails are gorgeous! And Nine Mile Swamp! I'm ashamed that I've let the word "swamp" hinder me from going there. Just the word made me shudder with thoughts of spiders and gloom. Was I wrong! I've re-named this lovely meandering peaceful river Nine Mile Bliss! It makes me want to re-read the Loomis Gang all over again. I'm concentrating on my new CD "Songs From Mountains East and West" and hope to have it out this summer with a some new musicians. More TBA on this project later. Skyway is under way! Please go to my shows and events to see this years line up. The First Folk Friday this week at the Big Moose Inn this June 6th with special guests, Same Blood Folk. This is my third attempt to get these fine musicians up there and every time the weather did something dreadful. If it snows in June...well that would be a very bad sign. Onward!
Reading the Syracuse Post Standard on March 24th I was surprised to read an article by Debra Groom about the 100th anniversary of the electrocution of Chester Gillette this upcoming March 4th at the Cayuga Museum in Auburn. I've done a lot of reading of this American Tragedy over the summer an it just so happens that this week I finished recording my song "Grace's Ghost". I've uploaded the full song to this website and a short video under my You Tube in memory of Grace.
What ever the weather is doing in the Adirondacks you can pretty much bet it'll not be the same down on the flat land! It snowed fat an happy up here and iced glazed everything down south. So much for the February First Friday! So the night was spent enjoying a night out snowed in at the Moose. Quiet times of reading and writing is a must these days. While staring up in to the dark winter sky watching the snowflakes fall and hit my face I realized that I haven't seen flakes this big since my childhood. So the next first Friday in March will be packed with musicians. As long as the weather holds out! The Line up is The Rusty Doves out of Utica, Rory O'Bannion out of Camillus and Same Blood Folk from Hamilton. There is also a Wilderness Weekend scheduled here at the Big Moose so theres lots going on for the March First Friday. Recording is coming along in my new studio! How have I lived with out a Mac all these years? I'm currently recording a fun little tune I wrote called Happy Valentines Day along with the funky cowboy voice of Tommy Hoe. March, March, March! The Keys! The Keys! The Keys! Out of the snow and the sound of buzzing snow-mobiles to color and warmth and ocean. I'm so fortunate.
Sunny San Hamiltonio is stampeding up to the Moose! Line up for February's First Friday is Maren Van Tine with her lovely voice and acoustics and Zach and Jenny Collins of Same Blood Folk. Its gonna be a fun night with some great music!
I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Big Moose Inn this past Friday. The first First Friday was a complete success! I'd like to thank the two Brians, John and Tommy Hoe for their great performances. Next month I'm hoping some Hamiltonians will trudge up the dark and twisty (RT 28) with their instruments for a folk jam. I'll be uploading the new Up The River Cold version with a lovely violin track played by the multi-talented Anne Leone. Anne's violin has added a golden thread through out the song that Noah would be proud of. It truly makes the song. Happy New Year everyone! Something tells me 2008 is gonna be great! I'm starting it off with a new I Mac with a 24 inch screen and a new recording program to learn! Love the challenge!
I'm thrilled to be managed by the talents of this wonderful woman, Catherine Light. At long last...Managment!
Looking forward to this down time to get some recording done on my new CD entitled "What It Is" Songs from Mountains East and West Money is still coming in to support Skyway which supports music for the next generation at the Hamilton High School here in Central New York. Looking forward to my Music at the Moose open Folk mic night and getting my list of performers together. Stay tuned! Happy Holidays
Wow! Too many to thank and too much going on! But thanks to everyone who has hired me and/or helped me in some way ...You know who you are.. My first ever organized music festival Skyway was a huge success and the beginning of many more. The mountains have been very good to me this summer and my music has a new home at The Big Moose Inn! The eastern gigs brought a brand new Martin and Ibanez! Garage Sailing through western San Bernardino Mountain town of Crestline brought an antique Hohner Melodica to add to my music collection... I have a Line 6 Variax guitar for sale if anyone is interested. Getting ready for the leaf peepers up in the Adirondacks. Tube Steak Tuesdays have turned to Tequila Tuesdays at the Big Moose. I've written a few new songs for my next CD ...that will be finished when it is.... Onward!
I'm booked right up good this summer in the Adirondacks ya' all! And theres no place I'd rather be! Well actually there is one other place I'd rather be and that is in the middle of a lake in my kyack! The Skyway plans are coming along very nicely with the Hamilton community pulling together for this event in memory of Craig. Also...Don't FURK with Central New York...Stop the NYRI!
Chris Kocher wrote a very colorful review of Patchouli Room on April 6th for the Binghamton Press Connects. Click on Press/Reviews for this tidbit. The “First Friday” in B-town is a wonderful thing especially when the weather is warm. It wasn't so warm Friday night and it probably hindered the still hunkered up locals of Binghamton. But it was nice to see the people who did come out, dressed in their Friday’s finest, milling around on the streets enjoying the fruits of others. I enjoyed performing at the Arts Mission amongst the sculpture and artwork of Devon Chalfant's "Senses Of Place." Mind provoking once I had the chance to explore his creations. My performance at the mission was the first gig in many years where I didn't use amplification. It was a truly freeing experience and NO CORD WRAPPING OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT HAULING IN THE END! I also had the chance to check out the new Night Eagle Cafe in its new home on State Street. I missed the music but there was an attentive crowd of listeners and drummers coloring up the belly of the Eagle. So all in all it was nice to be in Binghamton, the first city of my childhood. If it were still there I would have left home a little earlier to walk the brown hollow ramps of Philadelphia Sales and sift through the bins of stuff with one hand and a bag of warm, bumpy, buttery popcorn in the other. I would remember then my protesting father saying "We really should get out of here Audrey. This place is a fire trap”! After that, we always went without him. So that’s it for now. Happy Peanut Butter Eggs I mean …Easter Pamme
Patchouli Room can now be purchased at Ithaca Guitar Works. Larry Hoyt wrote an interesting review of one of the songs on Patchouli Room that took the least time to record using no instruments and no effects. Go figure..."Harry Boyt" is the one song getting airplay on WAER's Common Threads...but Thanks Larry ...REALLY! Summer is booking up with some boat rides in the mountains, summer band stands, blue frogs and my favorite, under the Bohemian Moon. Another CD is in the works as well.
Well! Well! Well! What a nice way to start the New Year! Patchouli Room ranked in at #7 on Mark Bialczak's top ten list for 2006! In this world where EVERYTHING is so competitive, and music shouldn't be as its an expression of one's true self... It is a great feeling to be recognized for something you love to do. Thank you Mark Bialczak for listening and supporting the Central New York music scene. Click on my links for Mark's blog under "Listen Up" Happy New Year everyone! Peace Out!
WOW! Now that I've had a chance to drink some Frexinet and rest. I'm happy to report that the CD release party was better then I could ever expect! Great Turnout! Thank you for all coming and thanks to the Copper Turret for the beautiful fruit, veg and cheese and cracker platters and the punch. My merch table is getting gude! I'm into the beads and I think everyone enjoyed the prizes! So T-shirts are in order for the summers merch table. If anyone wants shirts now for holiday gifts they are available through this site. Click on "Swan Store" to get to the Cafe Press website. Playing at the Bohemian Moon Saturday in Norwich. Then taking time off for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone. Pray for Peace ta la
New review from Mark Bialczak music critic from the Post Standard posted on my Press and Review page. Getting ready for the CD release party with Jimmy Wunderlich and Scott Kraly and special guest with an incredible voice, Maren Van Tine. This is NOT a private party everyone is welcome. Dinner reservations are recommended. ta la pamme
Invites are in print for the Patchouli Room CD release party Saturday Dec. 2nd at the Copper Turret Morrisville NY. 7:30- 10:30 Patchouli Room can now be bought at The Colgate Bookstore and very soon through CD Baby Check out the new Pamme Swan Store on the links page for new sweat shirts and other merchandise!
At long last! I have alot of people to thank here. Scott and Jimmy for sticking by me for so long and learning my stuff. Thanks to the team at Orbital Sound for the mastering.. GReat Job Thank you Nick Eyle for letting me use the great shot of Denise. Thank you Denise wherever you may roam. Thanks to Van Tine Studios for the re-scan of Denise. Thanks to my husband for putting up with all of this and for buying the kyacks. I couldn't of done any of this with out the support of my dear friend and fellow writer Patrick Mills. Ta La dear man!
The interview with David Hollis on the Radio Free Hamilton website is now up under Conversations From The Barge. My song "Our Sweet Hovels" has been veiwed as the fight against NYRI anthem. Please click on links to find the Radio Free Hamilton link.
Patchouli Room is close to completion! Lesson learned ...the more people involved the more time and money it takes. But I'm thrilled with the results. Some really sweet songs came out of the extra time it took in recording. Now for the cover...Come on Johnny! Aurora is off to Ithaca for college..gonna have to visit her often. I love Ithaca. The trio has a gig on the 7th at Michaels in Waterville. Great food here really...great food. Ta La
I'll be working with David Hollis of the Radio Free Hamilton website in taping my song "Our Sweet Hovels" named the NYRI anthem in the Syrcacuse Post Standard. Sunday July 30 edition by Glen Coin and Alaina Putrickus. The taping will be at the Barge Canal Coffee House in Hamilton August 4th at 11:00 am.
I've had the pleasure of mentoring two VERY talented musicians. Ellen Fagan and Lauren Mettler. Not only do they sing and harmonize like angels they are good acoustic guitar players and songwriters as well...and very young with hopefully a wonderful music career ahead of them! They are taking my Taylor and Ovatrion and hitting the stage at 1pm today in the Hamilton Park. Then I'm off to Raquette Lake for another WW Durrant moonlight cruise. Boat boards at 9:30. Had a great time last week on this beautiful lake I once boated and swam in my childhood. Sunday its another Woman's Right To Rock in Senaca Falls where I'll meet up with the trio for a set of Swan Songs. Our timeslot there is 3pm.. Saturday the 22nd I'll be doing the sound for the NYRI in Gaines Park in Sherburne and playing music with Ellen and Lauren aka A Couple Mistakes. and hopefully Laurie Fagan on recorder backing me on my song "Our Sweet Hovels" that I wrote in protest to the NYRI powerlines. Please come and show your support.
The mother of parties is daughters graduation. She's off to Ithaca in the fall! The trio is primed and ready for some relaxing fun summer gigs! Patchouli Room is still in the works..yes... good things do take time...
Since returning from escaping Katrina in New Orleans, I now see Central New York with all its small towns whether quaint or ragged and forgotten, with its open story book shaped hills, its peaceful farms and four seasons with new eyes. I truly live in a beautiful magical place. And now the threat of a monster powerline running through sickens me. I had the chance just recently to see a panaorama shot taken over the rooftops of my home town of Sherburne with the powerline super imposed to get an idea of the monstrosity of it and could find no words. It would destroy the small town charm and everything in its path that we central New Yorkers hold dear! We need to come together and not be bullied! Please click on links to link to the NYRI site for more info in stopping this monster from plagueing the land of our homes. Thank You
Sherburne-Earlville placed 4th in worlds competitiion in Iowa State Congratualations SECS! Another 4th of July coming up with a great show on the Hamilton Bandstand with the Chick-a-dees Swan Road Trio and Club Ed! Click on wanderings for times.
Looking forward to many wonderful events this summer graduation Parties and weddings, Cocoa Beach, Florida and Odessy of the Mind Competitions in Iowa with some very talented students from Sherburne- Earlville and lastly some dates in San Diego California TBA in August... Patchouli Room is still in the process...A room I'm enjoying immensly...
3/17/06 I will be performing songs from Patchouli Room and talking about the songwriting process at the Writer Jubilee Workshop Morrisville-Eaton Elementary School Saturday April 1st. There will be an author signing following at the Colgate Bookstore where a demo of Patchouli Room can be purchased. Times TBA 1/30/06 Recording PatchoulI Room...and DVD...working with some great people Rich Grant from Colgate University and Johnny Aikens from Sherburne-Earlville Art department...And greatly inspired by my new/old friend photographer Patrick Mills....just love these creative times!

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